On Judging a Book by Its Cover

Today's National Cliche Day. For real! To celebrate, I'm going to turn a silly cliche on its head (to use another cliche), and urge you to please judge a book by its cover.

So much work goes into designing a book cover. It has to be appealing, original, and compelling. It has to reflect the tone of the book. It has to stand out on the shelves without being tacky. The list goes on (hello, cliche!).

I was lucky enough to have one of the industry's best designers, Phil Falco, work on mine. (Do check out his site. There are some really wonderful images on it.)

This is the cover of DEVINE INTERVENTION, which comes out June 1, 2012:

It walks a tricky line perfectly.

  • Yes, this is a book with angels in it. But they are not bare-chested angels with honey-dipped skin. They do not have wings that cause spontaneous orgasms.
  • It's also a book with some romance. But it's not your everyday romance because--for starters--one of my characters is long dead (but not undead. And he doesn't drive a Volvo, because that can't be done any better than it has been.).
  • And finally, despite some sad parts, it's also a funny book, which I hope that arrow through the boy's head conveys.*

Which gets me back to my point. Do judge a book by its cover. Please! These miniature works of art are put together to help tell a story. They're meant to be judged. The hope is that you'll love them, too.

Thanks to Phil, Emily Clement, and Arthur Levine for putting this one together.


* Yes, I know that in real life, an arrow through the skull is not funny.