The announcement, at last

From Publisher's Marketplace:

Martha Brockenbrough's TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR THE DEAD, in which a guardian angel in a rehabilitation program for wayward souls accidentally kills the girl he's supposed to watch over, fails to get her into heaven, and may or may not cause lasting psychological damage to a squirrel, to Arthur Levine at Arthur A. Levine Books, in a pre-empt, for publication in Summer 2012, by Jill Corcoran at The Herman Agency (World).

Not the actual book cover. Or title. Or squirrel. But every squirrel dreams of underpants. This is a fact.I am thrilled to announce the sale of my first novel. I've certainly mentioned it before (okay, fine, a TON). But this official announcement makes it feel all that more real. I'll post occasional updates here, and I hope you'll read the book when it comes out next summer.

Thank you to my agent, Jill Corcoran, and my editor, Arthur Levine, for believing in my work, and to all my friends and family who read drafts and shared their thoughts. I literally couldn't have done this without the support of the many good people in my life, and sometimes can't believe how lucky I am in this regard.