Swag! Get your swag here, folks!



In less than one month, DEVINE INTERVENTION will be available online and in stores. I'd love it, though, if you ordered the book in advance.

Those pre-publication date sales help books in all sorts of ways, and as incentive, I have made this two-pack of buttons for everyone who puts in an advance order through Queen Anne Books in Seattle.

I'll sign each copy, and the wonderful people at the store will package yours and send it to you (or you can pick it up, if you're local, stopping by El Diablo next door for a cuban coffee and toast). 

You can order the book from elsewhere, of course, but this is the only way to get the buttons, my signature, and three bonus get-into-heaven pointsTM.

The button on the left says "The Angel Made Me Do It," while the one on the right is based on the beautiful cover by Phil Falco.

Click here to pre-order your book and button set through Queen Anne Books.

And ... if you order enough copies for your book club (even if its a club of two!), I will throw in a free Skype visit. Thank you!