I love this book trailer!


Devine Intervention from martha brockenbrough on Vimeo.


Ages ago, I used to produce an online magazine for MSN.

I had all sorts of vaguely humiliating experiences working on that project, including but not limited to being invited to surf for porn with Slash (I talked him into looking at dinosaur websites instead--he's a big fan of the diplodocus); being told by Mike Myers that I looked like a 12-year-old; and sitting with Stockard Channing in her family room while she looked up her ex-husband on a search engine, amazed to be able to find such information. 

This was in the early days of the commercial Internet--1996, which kind of explains the porn, dinosaurs, and ex-spouse stalking. (We didn't have Facebook, kids! Also, cell phones were as big as ears of corn!)

Another sign of the times: Most people used dialup connections, and as a result, every page we built had to be less than about 50K or so. In case you don't speak nerd, that's like saying we had to fit entire apartments inside the equivalent of Tupperware containers.

Our magazine never took off, despite my attempts to interview celebrities, but it was really cool looking. This was entirely due to the genius of a couple of amazing designers I worked with. 

One of them, Sheryl, was pregnant with her first baby at the time. She actually went into labor during usability testing. That's dedication for you. So it's blowing my mind that that baby, the one who got all water-breaky on the other side of the one-way glass, made my book trailer.

That's right.

The kid who gestated to the sweet, sweet hum of the scanner is now a teenager, and she's shaping up to be as talented as her mom. I hope you love it as much as I do.