Notes from the Road

As I type this, I am in a Houston hotel room feeling Very Fancy, Very Fancy Indeed.

Hotel pillows must be filled with feathers from angel wings, and while this might make you worry that angels are somewhere being denuded of their down, rest easy. Angels shed. Worse than werewolves even.

No, but seriously. I'm here with Jeff Hirsch and Eliot Schrefer as part of Scholastic's This Is Teen program, having an absolutely outstanding time.

Jeff is author of The Eleventh Plague and the forthcoming Magisterium, about a girl living in a deeply polarized world who discovers in a shocking way that the other side isn't what she'd always been told.

Eliot is author of, among other books, The School for Dangerous Girls, and the forthcoming Endangered. This one's about a girl in war-torn Congo, trying to survive along with a rescued bonobo. If you're not hip to bonobos, these are great apes (see illustration below by one of my kids, made when she was 6; it's an unintended preview of a quartet of ape books Eliot plans to write.) 

Last night, after sandwiches that included something called "redneck cheddar," we visited Blue Willow Bookshop, and while I thought I'd never find another store as much as I love my Seattle favorites, I was mistaken. Blue Willos is a great shop and the three of us even got to sign the wall (I tried not to mess up Cornelia Funke's masked Venetian).

I'm on a ladder!

We also met authors Varsha Bajaj and Christina Mandelski, both delightful and talented. And I got to see my cousin David and his wife Cathy.

Today we're off to Austin to sign books in advance of the Austin Teen Book Festival, which will feature more than 30 authors and something like 6,000 readers.

I'll post from Twitter and FB as I can. I hope you follow along! Meanwhile, here are more Twitter feeds to check out:

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