Dinosaur Tooth Fairy: a review I loved

The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy hits shelves in just a couple of weeks. Here's a librarian's T-riffic review of the book, which was illustrated by Israel Sanchez.

And in case you don't have time to check out the link, an excerpt: 

As evidenced by her young adult title debut (Devine Intervention reviewed here) author Martha Brockenbrough knows how to spin a story that is heartwarming, thoughtful and surprising.  Her love of language, playing with word combinations, to create the correct atmosphere for the tale and meaningful moods for her characters, will call out to you, welcoming you to join in the toothy quest.  Choosing to focus on a single word, repeating it three times in a row, increases tension, further binding the reader to the plight of the desperate dino.  Here are a couple of examples.

She has a spiky beauty from a Spinosaurus,
a mighty molar from the Gigantosaurus,
and a splendid side tooth she snagged from a yawning duck-billed Hadrosaur.

It's definitely not with the parrot,
who is rude, rude, rude and that is ALL there is to say.

Thanks to Margie at Librarian's Quest for checking out the book!