A great review from Kirkus

Kirkus Reviews bills themselves as "the world's toughest book critics," which is why this review of THE DINOSAUR TOOTH FAIRY makes me feel raptor-ous today. Thanks, Kirkus!:

It is tough being a tooth fairy to dinosaurs when all your sources of new material are extinct.

All the Dinosaur Tooth Fairy can do now is flit around the museum and reminisce about the good old days when “the world was hot [and] the teeth were huge.” But one day, a little girl loses her tooth—“PLIK!”—right inside the dinosaur hall. The tiny fairy (who looks a little like a small T-Rex) will do anything to add that tooth to her collection. She just needs to defeat the modern-day machines that get in her way—like the giant, yellow monster with swoopy lashes (the school bus) or the ferocious and frustrating one-eyed doorknobosaurus. And of course, her main rival—the Human Tooth Fairy—isn’t about to let that tooth go without a fight. The tiny, lime green, bulbous dino (complete with ruffled skirt and crown) gets into many amusing scrapes, but she just might end up making a new friend. While the concept is not quite as obvious as the now-familiar dino-train combo, dinosaurs and loose teeth make for a surprisingly fun read. (Ten percent of the author’s royalties will be donated to Kids International Dental Services.)

Debut picture-book pair Brockenbrough and Sanchez are millions of years ahead of their time. (Picture book. 3-6)