Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: Ideas for stories are everywhere, and I've gotten a lot of my best of them when I'm in an airplane, looking out the tiny window at the world below. Sometimes they're big ideas, and sometimes they're small, and I usually spend a long time thinking about the story to know what they're really about. I also read a lot. I love science and history. Mostly, though, I know I have a story when it reminds me of something I've felt, and when I have a way of conveying that feeling through the lives of characters. That's the sort of thing that makes good stories feel true.

Q: When and where do you write?

A: My office is in the attic of my house, and I love writing here. I also love to write in cafes. And I love writing while sitting in a comfortable chair, which is very bad for my posture. But I don't care!

Q: What were your favorite books when you were a kid?

A:  I read everything I could get my hands on. Reading was my favorite thing. I used to get in trouble for reading, I did it so much. But I had one teacher, Mrs. Cleveland, who let me read in class when I got done with my work. I worked fast as a result. And the books I loved most were the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. I also loved The Diary of Anne Frank, The Lorax, and all of Nancy Drew's adventures.


Q: Will you come to my school?


A: I'd love to. Have your teacher or librarian contact me.