We used to have an air mattress. Then the girls got the bright idea of jumping off of the bunk and using the mattress to soften their landings. I told them not to. "You'll get hurt. You'll pop the air mattress. Blah, blah, blah." 

They popped the air mattress, of course. Lucy's attempts to patch the hole with a foil-wrapped ball of chocolate were unsuccessful. I told the kids why we weren't replacing the air mattress (which cost about $200.) And that was the end of the story ... until recently, when we went to a vacation condo with a similar air mattress.

I heard scuttling, thumping, and giggling coming from the girls' room. At one point, Alice came out in tears with a mysteriously injured elbow. They denied any illicit plunges were being taken from the top bunk onto the cushion below.

But this picture, taken with a friend's camera, says otherwise, doesn't it?

My children can be very naughty, indeed.

But there is something so darned funny about this photo of Lucy in mid-flight, and Alice climbing up for more. There's also something vaguely humiliating about it, as Lucy has a beyond goofy expression and Alice has forgotten to put on pants.

So let that be a lesson to my children. Disobey, and Mama will put the photographic evidence of it on her blog.