The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy lives in the Museum of Truly Old Things, where she polishes her giant tooth collection and remembers the good old days. But when a little girl with a loose tooth walks through with her class, the D.T.F. knows she wants it, wants it, WANTS it! The thing is, the world has changed quite a lot since the D.T.F. was out and about -- there are doorknobs, slobbering dogs, and school buses to worry about now. Not to mention a mysterious Tooth Fairy rival who might just sweep in and ruin everything!

Here is a story about loose teeth, heart's desires and—in the end—friendship, that is both laugh-out-loud funny and unexpectedly touching. This is the T-Rex of tooth fairy books. (Or maybe the most magical tooth fairy of dinosaur books?) Read it and teethe.

Debut picture-book pair Brockenbrough and Sanchez are millions of years ahead of their time.
— Kirkus Reviews
Sanchez’s bright illustrations make it fun ... with clever wordplay and repetitive words to emphasize the Dinosaur Tooth Fairy’s emotions, this could be a fun storytime read-aloud for young readers wondering about what happens to their own lost teeth.
— Booklist
This one packs in plenty of fun.
— School Library Journal